Rose Colored Glasses

So this is where we’ll share the This and Thats of every day life from behind pink hued lenses. We’d love for you to join the conversation!

I’ll start: So, as someone who now sees pink ribbons and Corporate America Pink Marketing in a whole new light, crap like this makes me want to scream in the middle of the craft store.

Scan 131830001

There are too many things wrong with this picture I want to barf. 1. Who wants a PINK Chemo Cap? Do you need to be reminded why you’re in a barcolounger with a needle funneling poison into your chest? 2. Why do these women have long, healthy hair under the Chemo Caps? 3. Why do these glowingly beautiful women have eyebrows and eyelashes? 4. Congratulations Bernat Yarn Company: By donating $30,000 to Susan G. Komen through the purchase of this yarn (that knitters like you and me paid for), Komen will put a paltry 15% ($4,500) to actual research “for a cure”. The rest goes to six figure CEO salaries, first class plane tickets and other narcissistic, scam-like spending.

NFLPINKforsiteNFL-Women Football

Think those hulky NFL players are so cute with their pink shoes? (<—-click that) Think again. (<—- and that)

 pinkvodkaPink Vokda, anyone? 

Read as a newspaper columnist and breast cancer survivor muses over the irony of a vodka company supporting a breast cancer charity when research shows that an increased risk of alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer. Let us know what you think!


Because what post-mastectomy woman wouldn’t want a pillow to remind her of what just happened? Guess the drainage tubes, pain, sleepless nights and swelling aren’t enough. And no. No post op woman looks like this.


World Cancer Day 2015

February 4, 2015 at 3:01pm, by Terry Arnold, Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor: No Lump Still Cancer

Today is World Cancer Day.  A day to unite and talk about what we can do, lay persons, charities and medical community to make a difference.   In between talking to what feels like one million people today I have been trying to collect my thoughts.  It is early afternoon and after writing and rewriting, I have given up and made a list.

1.  I hate cancer

2.  I have gone to more funerals in a year that most attend in a life time.

3.  No, the cure is not on the internet.

4.  Doctors do care, and they are not hiding the cure.

5.  Most charities donate just a TINY percent of their funds to research.  Shame on them.

6.  I have to bite my tongue (hard) when people tell me I was spared because my life had a purpose.  The women I have seen pass away from cancer had a purpose too.  Maybe their purpose was to call me to action, but that is a whole other post.

7. I wanted to help others by paying it forward.  I told my husband it would be like a full time job to do it right.  He said, “OK, but I have one rule. You will never draw a salary off this” and I said OK!

8.  I love my husband.

9.  I devote just about every waking hour to ending cancer.

10.  Because cancer doesn’t give a hoot, what day it is, or how old you are, or if you are pregnant. Cancer doesn’t care. But I do. I hope you will  help me.

Hope always, Terry


Terry shared the following links so we can all educate ourselves. 

Our feel good war on breast cancer:

The leading paper on Inflammatory Breast Cancer:

A petition asking leading breast cancer charities to increase donations to research:

A suggestion to a charity that is funding research. All volunteer ran and is funding late stage research, because that is were the rubber meets the road:

What we have funded to date:


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3 thoughts on “Rose Colored Glasses

  1. Or how about how young they are?

    (not that I want any age to get cancer
    Can we please stop acting like cancer is brave, sexy warrior like battle? It is not. It is brutual and women die. Yes, I am stirred up by this picture and all the pink junk markeing that goes along with this.

    As to Komen, seems that it is a shame with over 50,000 women dying yearly to breast cancer in just the US alone. …that just maybe some more of that $30,000 donated by Bernat Yarn (via you and me) could actually go to research.

    TN Inflammatory Breast Cancer dx summer 2007


  2. Finally!!! Another brave soul! First I pray that your friend has recovered from this dis-ease.

    Second, I arrived at this site by accident and I totally agree – I too am sick of the PINK cancer LINK!

    How shameful to capitalize on this dreadful issue and fully expecting EVERY woman to identify with this Pink madness! I don’t even care for the color pink, let alone want to be associated with it as a “girly” color or breast cancer symbol. As a matter of fact, I’m sick of the ribbon thing In general. But I digress . . .

    I know of a woman who had breast cancer 11 years ago and has, ever since made it her life’s mission to “raise money to fight breast cancer”. Ironically, the only thing she appears to be fighting are her bill collectors. Whenever she needs more money, she “extorts” it from her co-worker by asking for additional monies for her “charity”. Its pure disgusting.

    I do not dispute that there are women (and men) in need of emotional and financial support during their illness, however many so-called “charities” take advantage of these situations and I will not be a part of it! Know that if I were asked to pay the telephone bill of someone experiencing this dis-ease, I’d gladly write a check to their phone company. To hand the money over to the P&B Foundation and then observe this woman walk in with a new pair of shoes would make me puke!

    Lastly, I pray this all is well!


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