This continues to be a colossal journey of Learning. Granted, we’ve learned a lot of stuff we wish we never needed to know BUT it was all important. Some useful, some enlightening, some scary and some that made us want to punch somebody (She said WHAT???). And so we pay it forward to you in honor of all of those who helped us find relief, advice and comfort during this unsolicited journey of Love, Laughter & ChemoBrain.

This is just a sampling–we’d love to hear from you so we can share all the fabulous stuffs you’ve learned on your journey. A site for education, advocacy and discussion. We like that it features individual discussion forums for specific cancer diagnosis and specific forms of chemo and radiation. Like having a tailor-made circle of friends who happen to be available 24/7.

The American Cancer Society provides breast cancer patient support and practical services. You can even read their Stewardship Report  so you can see, if you’re into that sort of think like we are, how they spend their money.

Awesome Breastforms This is a group of women who knit and crochet soft breast forms for women who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy. There is no charge.  No charitable/financial solicitations. Ever. They do this from their hearts. With their hands.

The Company Store: We’ve linked you straight to our BEST find ever: The large down/feather wedge back pillow.  (We got the large version.) We also got the knee wedge–not just comfy but it takes the stress off your back and doubles as a way to elevate your feet when the swelling hits.  Washable covers are available for both in a variety of colors. Customer service–direct from Wisconsin, USA–can’t be beat.

Online Shopping in General:

When lacking a strong immune system, hair and energy, strolling the aisles of joints like Walmart just isn’t as adventuresome and fun as it used to be. Enter! Products are available for free delivery to store (where someone can pop in and pick it up for you) or to your doorstep (sometimes with free shipping). No, we’re not getting a kick-back from WallyWorld–it’s just that they offered varied and broad product selection with decent prices on things we needed. For example: To reduce the spread of germs, we replaced CC’s kitchen swing top trashcan with this step one like this.

Of course, is kinda like WallyWorld but with far broader variation of products. Often we’d compare the same product on both sites to get the best price/shipping/return options.

Twitter. Do you tweet? Maybe because we’re writers and loathe being limited to 140 characters per post, but CC and I both dove into the nest of Twitter kicking, screaming and spitting out worms. However, we’ve found some of our most kindred spirits, plain talkers and fellow #cancersucks allies on this short attention span network. Some hashtags you might want to plug into your search: #cancer, #cancersucks, #sickofpink, #breast, #lungcancer, #breastcancer, #chemo, #boobs…you get the idea…now #search away!