Yes Cancer Sucks. tumblr_n0v3noTcXd1sa9du0o1_500 But let me be the poo poo in today’s pity party and show you what I saw in the legions of news stories announcing David Bowie’s death. From Cancer.

images (1)

If for some reason you are still a smoker, just stop. Seriously. And don’t you dare try to defend it to me let alone my friends who got cancer for no damn good reason. images (3) images (7) images (4) images (5) images (6)images 1519059-david_bowie bfc3681429ed7f2e384695b7d42e6d88Have you stopped yet?

One thought on “Rant

  1. I know, Karen. I know. It’s their choice. I believe that God has a plan & a purpose for each of our lives … & if that means ‘cancer for my life,’ that’s what it is. I know that I can say this because my sister & I have talked about it … we even chuckle about it. Sis has been a smoker since probably age 16. She’s now 59; that 43 years. Who gets cancer? I do; the non-smoker.


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