Pink Ribbon Overload


Balls for Breasts! Except note how much more expensive the PINK tennis balls are compared to the yellow ones from the same company. Is this truly about “hope” and the “heart” of Wilson or just profit?

Look, we get it. Companies who sell these products donate money (we are told) to (hopefully responsible) organizations who fund research (on some level, we assume) and (we further assume) support women with cancer (the “how” in this varies). Surely none of the companies who plaster pink ribbons on their products do it merely to make them look good to consumers or to increase sales. Pffft, such a silly thought! But seriously? This saturation of Pepto-Bismal-Pink ribbons is out of hand and it leaves many breast cancer patients feeling like pawns in the monetization of their disease while glossing over their very real suffering. They don’t need pink ribbons on a mammogram gown to remind them how scary those test results might be. They don’t need pink banners welcoming them to their Chemo treatments. And they sure as hell don’t need pink ornaments on the Christmas tree in the Oncology facility emblazoned with, “Cancer 2012!” Let’s note this: “raising Awareness” and taking actual steps toward funding a research scientist or providing a free $800 wig for a bald woman or providing her transportation to chemo are not the same thing. Never will be. So please do the research. Know where your money is going before you write that check or ask others to write them for you. So yes, a perfectly good, once loved, innocent, girly color has been misused and abused and indeed, makes women with breast cancer, and their loved ones, Sick. Of. Pink.

In 2011, Susan G Komen only gave 15% to research = a cure. How's that for illumination?

In 2011, Susan G Komen only gave 15% to research = a cure. How’s that for illumination?




9 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon Overload

  1. Breast cancer isn’t glamorous
    Breast cancer isn’t pink
    It’s the colour of your vomit
    When your head is in the sink
    Breast cancer isn’t bracelets
    With pretty little charms
    It’s the black and blue of bruises
    From the IVs in your arms
    Breast cancer isn’t putting on
    Your pink dress for a dance
    It’s the brown of diarrhoea
    When you shit your underpants
    It’s the red within your dressings
    It’s the yellow green of pus
    How can you think that going pink
    Is really helping us?


  2. Why why why do people think Breast Cancer is cute. It boggles the mind. I hate the Pink thing. It’s all about profit and nothing to do with cure. Most say they go to “research” but what they don’t tell you is it’s for treatment NOT for a cure. No offense here, but I hate calling it a journey. I think of a journey as something wonderful and new. Not suffering and being a lab rat. Having poison pumped into you and radiation that kills not only the cancer but all healthy tissue and surges through your blood and deposits itself in every part of the body. Awareness is there screw the awareness get the cure. For all cancer. Won’t happen to much profit in it.
    Chemo is one of the highest money makers for cancer treatment centers and hospitals and big pharma. Treatment = Profit Cure= No profit. All comes down to the botrtom line. Not life.


    • 100% agree. A very good friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma in August 2014. He went through 12 chemo treatments, almost died, and was declared in remission in April 2015. It was miracle after miracle! But he also started to have major issues with his lungs in April. On May 23, 2015 he passed away because the chemotherapy damaged his lungs so severely there was no coming back. It breaks my heart every day. He was only 27 and had a wife and three small children. It infuriates me that modern science can’t accept alternatives to poison.


  3. I’m disgusted by the attention to breast cancer, as if it’s the only cancer worth supporting. It does make some of us, in my case Acute Myloid Leukemia, feel as if we don’t matter. Financially I didn’t receive any assistance, though I am divorced (no partner either), with a disabled child, another in university, a 20 yo car that was destroyed by doctor appts., tests, treatment, ad nauseum…and we live well below the poverty level. Hell, I didn’t even get a tee shirt (they were $17.99 in the gift shop, which I couldnt afford). Though I was given a nice wig and makeup from the cancer society…though food and gas copays would have gone much farther. My health isnt great since I still can’t afford healthy food. Too sick to apply for help and too late when remission is called…but pink ribbon related items are flying off the shelf. I guess I’m not woman enough and got the wrong cancer.


    • Good grief! COMPLETELY understand your point of view and disgust with all the attention breast cancer gets. That’s one of the reasons we write about this. There’s a much larger, uglier world of cancer out there right alongside breast cancer–as you have shown. God love you and prayers for improved health and support! xo


  4. Hate every October seeing people in feathers and pink ribbon tattoos as if this illness is fun !! Minimizes the cost of the illness physically emotionally and psychically.


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