Might a “Survivor” be Themselves?

So, for some reason I stumbled upon my posts about CC on YouTube.  (yes yes do watch them all again and then share the world over!) Um, no really, have you shared them yet?

Somehow, they sparked a thought process in me:  Over the years of taking care of CC and then, back in my homeland, taking care of myself and my continuing cancer education learning journey, I’ve seen 2 major types of paths folks take,– That of a AlwaysSurvivor (which shapes, on a daily basis, their entire future, or, That of SomeOne Who Has Endured Something — without it needing a name. Or a custom license plate, etc.

I am not saying either one (or others unnamed here) is “correct”.  Just picking at the old brain here….

I remember years ago, before CC and her diagnosis, treatment, & “journey”…a dear friend of mine–a breast cancer survivor–was annoyed — because her husband,  who’d been treated for and (quote) survived (end quote) prostate cancer, refused to call himself a “Survivor”.

He had no interest in wearing the special t-shirts or attending rallies or at the very basic core, Identifying as a Cancer Survivor.  In his eyes, it was a medical thing he dealt with and now it’s done so let’s move on. No need for a label. No need for a special colored shirt. No need for a special license plate or tennis ball or yard flag. No need for a new identity.

I can only imagine there are more roles…more paths,.. more identities….CC’s and my paths are limited in a world as big as ours. So we’d love to hear YOUR stories. Your paths. How this Cancer Thing has dared to redefine you and your worlds. Or, maybe, how you told it, Oh no–You don’t define me! I’m not a #CancerSurvivor, because I am……