MBI (Hint: not an advanced degree)

Oh hi, this is me ^^^ 3 years ago after my first MBI. You might not see the official hospital bracelet or taped guaze in the crook of my arm, but Hello PINK gown…cuz ya know, in case any ( likely nervous or scared) woman who’s at the “Breast Health Center” doesn’t t know why she’s there or the possibility of her test results….(Yay!!! I get to officially wear PINK for a sacred reason! Today I might join the BCC! Give me a pink pom pom and bring on that bad news!)

And make sure you infuse my surroundings with PINK accents–again, don’t want to lose sight of what my tests might show!

Hmmm maybe if the pink flowers are fake, my preliminary “unclear” mammogram results will be fake too! Such encouragement! Such peace! Thank you, Pink Palace!

Here’s me, 3 years later: Before my MBI. After escaping the enormously loud woman in the (outside of the PINK washed) calm waiting room, who kept, enormously loudly repeating, This place is so calming!, Until, naturally, it was anything but.