Can A Gal Catch A Break?

Enough time has passed (two weeks maybe?) since CC’s last round of chemo for her to be cognizant enough to wake up, walk, talk and feel comfortable driving. I think even if she weren’t secure at this point, she would, to the possible detriment of every innocent driver in L.A., get behind the wheel anyway. Her daughter needs her. She, the daughter, has a medical appointment down in Beverly Hills (Read: not Beverly Hills as in Glamor and Stars, but, BH as in nightmare traffic, horrendous parking and an all around exhausting commute from the canyon).

For this uncommon venture into the “real world”, CC puts on her wig and makeup. Her eyes are still watering; so she’s going to call the eye doctor for the next available Tear Duct Rotor Router appointment. The mere mention of this still makes me want to vomit.

With CC gone, I’m alone in the quiet of the canyon. I’m determined to meet my overdue book deadlines and tackle the stack of mail I brought with me from home.

Shuffling through the paperwork and computer screens, my eyes start watering. Damn that CC! I wipe and sniffle my way through the day, feeling very much alone—this is the longest CC’s been out on her own since her last chemo. I’m trying my best to “take advantage of the quiet with nothing better to do” while swearing at my computer, finding more tissues and simultaneously worrying about CC driving off the road in a Blinding Watering Eyes Catastrophe.

CC eventually makes it home with her vision intact but brand new prescription sunglasses broken. Seriously? Who needs another stupid detail like that to deal with? Can she not catch a break?

I finish formatting my book without throwing my laptop into the fireplace. CC is working on her own book edits in her office.

Then our Wi-Fi goes out.

Granted it’s not the entire fuse box dying like back in November right after Round One but come on! Now a fried modem and router? What did CC do to deserve this? When, fortheluvofallthatisholy does she get a break? Here she is suffering to save her very life while trying to maintain being a responsible, hard working, adult/author/client/mom/provider….and the very tool she needs to make this happen just up and dies.

It just seems the woman could use a break.


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