October: A Survivor’s View

“And realize that breast cancer awareness goes far beyond October and far beyond the pink ribbon.”  ~Darryle Pollack

Sound familiar? It did to CC and I! So much that we reached out to Darryle and asked if we could share her stories here on SickOfPink.com. This particular quote is from her blog, Seeing Breast Cancer With 20/20 Vision. You see, Darryle spoke out on the national stage 20 years (and LONG before anyone talked in public about breast cancer!) before being diagnosed. She wrote this piece as a 20 year survivor. The blog is full of head shaking, need to know facts, gives a realistic look at what “awareness” really means and shares our fundamental message here on SOP.com–those pink ribbons only do so much. Sadly, as we’ve shared, they’ve been abused via PinkWashing with monies and genuine efforts being misguided and  misdirected. Monies going to six figure salaries instead of a research lab. And in the process, women are dying. Yes, progress has been made in the last 40 years, but imagine how much farther we’d be on the path to a CURE if the ribbon meant money for research and chemo treatments instead of pom poms and first class airline seats?

We’re still dying.

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