The Under-Appreciated Tastebuds.

“Off to rainy day breakfast at dad’s hotel…in Pretty earrings! Eill make up for foodcrastingblike sawdust….Thanks!  Then bath and bed.” *

If the epic heartburn or nausea made CC never want to eat again, not being able to taste what’s in her mouth does the trick too. And then there’s always some Chemo Nurse scolding CC for losing weight….(insert death stare here)….anyhow–

Sometimes half of CC’s tongue could taste and the other half couldn’t. It makes me dizzy to think about it. For several days she had no taste whatsoever. Except for maybe sawdust. Imagine your favorite food tastes like sawdust. With little appetite and the need for caloric intake, we splurged on all of CC’s favs– sushi (nothing raw, of course), BBQ ribs, double chocolate cupcakes, and mocha froyo with Heath Bar topping.

Sawdust. All that money. All those for once guilt-free calories.  All wasted.

IMG_3284 IMG_3283

Until the night before her next round of chemo when all the tastebuds are functioning. Then we splurge again, knowing in a few days it’ll all be sawdust. Again.

*(Unedited email from CC, thanks to watery eyes, numb, swollen hands and disintegrating fingernails)


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