Take A Hike, Cancer

It’s Saturday. Or Sunday. I have no idea. But the sun is shining and CC feels energetic so we drive to Temescal Canyon and meet CC’s yoga pal, Deborah, for a hike. CC’s learned that a cotton bandana under a Chemo Cap or hat is her go to for comfort. I donned my own red bandana under my baseball cap in her honor. CC loved the gesture. Then we started to talk like pirates and laughed at our horrible attempts.

The path up the mountain is well trod, dry and “easy” to follow. When Deborah and I hear CC’s labored breathing we make her stop to rest. Being the fitness warrior that she is, we have to do this a couple times. Which of course is fine because I’ve never been as fit as CC! She’s lost weight and looks slimmer than usual in her black cotton and spandex. I am amazed at her perseverance.

IMG_3224The view at the top is rewarding and energizing. There is a bench where a mom has perched her little kids. Deborah asks, “Is it okay if she (nodding towards CC) sits on this end of the bench?” Of course the mom says yes and swoops in to move a sippy cup off the bench. We have to look out for CC like this or she’ll push herself to exhaustion. She is that type of mom/wife/woman who is so focused on taking care of others that she minimizes her very real needs.


Also on the top of the mountain we spot rose petals on the ground in front of the bench in the shape of a heart. We envision a champagne sunset proposal the night before, as some of the petals had already begun to scatter a wee bit into the mountaintop brush. It’s a happy morning. A sunshiny, fresh air, the promise of love and romance and aren’t people wonderful? Morning.



I’ve learned to savor these moments of strength. Of simple human joy. Of being able to walk back down the mountain. And it’s a good thing—because tomorrow, despite some chirping birds in the canyon, we find ourselves grasping for anything remotely sunshiny.



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