Return to Chemo Canyon. For Real This Time. I promise.

I return my rental car at LAX and CC meets me there after she drops off JT for his flight to Paris. We are not that jealous—he is going to be working incredibly long, exhausting days. And he doesn’t have the Hallmark Channel over there.

On the way home to the canyon, we stop for gas, take out Thai and of course, frozen yogurt

CC looks gorgeous—if I didn’t know any better, I’d never believe she’s wearing a wig. Or is as sick as she is.

But back safe, sound and private in the canyon, we prep for our always-anticipated Evening Routine. We both change into Comfy PJ’s and preheat the dual controlled mattress pad. Then I pour wine for me, sparkling water for CC and spread napkins and our dinner out on the bed. We climb in and scroll through a packed DVR menu CC’s been building since early December for this very moment.

Hang onto that red rose Sean The Bachelor, because before she hits play, it’s my turn for a big reveal. This time, my second visit back since CC started chemo, she adds a new element to our routine– swapping out her hair for a hat.

CC is bald.

Well, actually, she has some faint stubble, but yes, she’s bald. Like a bald baby and just as beautiful. “You have the face for baldness,” I tell her, completely sincere.

She rolls her eyes, “It’s really cold!”

“So it’s true what they say—all the body heat really does get lost through your head?”

“Yes! And, my hair was so THICK, remember?”

I do. And I remember that November day at the beach when CC instructed me to pull her covet-worthy thick hair and release a handful of it to the ocean skies.

CC ready for sunset

CC ready for sunset

“…and I found some really cute, soft ones online that aren’t expensive so I was able to get a few colors” CC is saying. I watch her adjust the baby blue beanie type cap on her bald head. We dub these, Chemo Caps. Then we clamor into bed, grab our forks and the remote and escape into the Happy Ending World of Hallmark movies.

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