Chemo Round 3: Return to Chemo Canyon (But 1st, a Detour via The Bachelor)

It’s been far more difficult than I thought to be back in LA and not with CC. Yes I’ve enjoyed meeting cohorts in the writing/entertainment industry. But my heart is constantly in Chemo Canyon. I worry about CC overdoing it. I worry about her driving alone when her eyes are watering or when she’s exhausted because, before she got sick, CC made the Energizer Bunny look like a slug. A slug with the flu. And it’s difficult for her to accept that her body won’t function anywhere near her norm. So yes, while I’ve enjoyed visiting and volunteering with fellow sorority alumna, my heart is constantly all about CC. So much so, that when The Bachelor RV pulled up in front of the sorority house at UCLA amid screaming the world has not heard since the Beatles, I “might” have used my seniority—let’s call it Life Experience—to, right before he left, jump in front of The Bachelor himself (I swear I did not shove any squealing and giggling coeds to the ground in the process), thrust my phone in his face and say, “Hi! My best friend has cancer and every week we sit in bed and watch The Bachelor. She’s the only reason I know who you are (no offense). Will you say hi to her?”

“Of course! What’s her name?” I tell him, hit video and well, here ya go!

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