I have no idea how many Days After Chemo this is…

Chemo Brain by Proxy and Insomnia By Proxy have taken their toll—but according to my computer, it’s Thursday November 15th.

CC and I both have rough nights. She’s up with “bubbly tummy”—a term she uses to describe that, not quite I’m going to puke but this is not a good at all feeling. Me? I head to the couch at 6 a.m. after enough night sweats to drown a walrus. Can walrus swim? What’s the plural of walrus anyway? I could look it up by I get distracted with deleting 300 ancient emails out of my work account.

CC’s friend Cathy drove down from the Valley and brought us a smorgasbord of luncheon goodies from Gelsons grocery. Leslie had the brilliant, indulgent idea to, midday, make a fire and sit around it visiting instead of the three of us sprawled around on the bed. Cathy has us doubled over in laughter with her family Thanksgiving Nightmare stories worthy of emmy-winning sitcom episodes.


In true girlfriend fashion, CC tries on her wigs for us and we ooh and aww appropriately. We don’t have to fake it–they really are fab! I doubt I’ll ever get over how expensive they are though—cheapy, synthetic wigs can still cost $300 and up! Real hair wigs? Fork over the mortgage payment. This breaks my heart and infuriates me at the same.

For the first time in weeks, my eyes and body win over my will; so I leave CC and Cathy to visit on the big bed and find my way back to the couch, fire still crackling, to “read”. As in, fall sound asleep—through my phone ringing, buzzing, barking and ding-donging.

It’s a good thing—I mean, we have a big evening ahead: A new episode of Big Bang Theory and a stack of newly arrived fashion mags are waiting for us. And after that? I have some freshly laundered, very dry sheets waiting for me.


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