Do You Know Where Your Money’s Going?

I stumbled upon this article this evening shortly after talking to another girlfriend of mine who is a cancer survivor and who is completely nauseous over how women are brainwashed with PINK PINK PINK. As we talked, it reminded me of what’s noted on our page,  Pink Ribbon Overload— Please please please do your research before donating money to any charity. Don’t let your emotions or fortheluvofgawd a colored ribbon take over for due diligence and responsible charitable giving. And…thank you.

3 thoughts on “Do You Know Where Your Money’s Going?

  1. I wanted to share with you that a dear classmate of mine from high school puts on several events to raise money for breast cancer patients. I recently asked her if any of the money raised goes to Komen or any outside agencies and she said no. She told me the money stays in Marshall County (where we both live) and it helps women with medical bills and anything that helps to lessen the burden on these women and their families. Although they do the pink ribbon thing I was so happy to hear that the money isn’t going to line the pockets of some big wig corporate people that don’t truly use it for breast cancer or for any cancer related matters for that reason.


  2. Check out the work of The Pink Fund. Every month we make thousands of dollars in bill payments on behalf of bc patients in active treatment. We pay up to $3,000 per patient over 90 days to align with FMLA. This month, June 2013, we wrote just $18,988 in checks to help 61 women. Our ability to help is only limited by direct donations. This fiscal year, thanks to our alignment with Ford Warriors in Pink we have written $220,000 in checks nationally. Money raised locally, stays locally.


  3. Molly this is SO good to know! Thank you for sharing. Will you please post a link to The Pink Fund so we can all learn more about it? Thanks!! <3, Karen


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