Crap Crap Crap

Just now I send CC some site edits to approve. She replies:

Have emergency Dr. appt will check out tmro. No worries i think….cathy is taking me….

Oh just got invite to bc walk ugh!


1. I hate not being there and feeling helpless on the opposite side of the country.

2. I’m so glad CC called Cathy, a local friend, for help. This continues to be a huge step for a woman who is used to helping others but loathes asking for help for herself.

3. I’m worried. I worry more not knowing what’s wrong. Not knowing always stinks. No, not knowing sucks.

4. Can’t wait to find out how invited a devastatingly weak, in the midst of debilitating active treatment bc patient to a bc walk. I want to scream.

CC will probably be amused when she reads this–me slipping into Mama Bear mode again so soon after having a hissy over Charlize Theron’s pithy head shaving comment at the 2013 Oscars.  I can be rather (sorta) tolerant and (kinda) restrained, but you mess with my children, my husband or my ChemoGirl–and I instinctively come roaring out of my den.

Any fellow Mama Bears out there?

One thought on “Crap Crap Crap

  1. Can relate … DUH!!! had just finished radiation treatment for the 2nd bc in the “good” breast & still thought I was SUPER WOMAN !!! only made it 1 mile & beat myself up about being a “wimp” & not being able to finish … FINALLY realized that the radiation zapped my strength … somedays I can’t believe how stupid I am … mac


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