Once upon a time a very good, smart, busy, active, healthy girl caught The Cancer.

She had to do that Chemo Thing.

And a lot of other pain in the ass helpful treatments for a very long year.

So her friend (me) flew across the country (and before you think I’m some saint, I’m not–I’m a Collegiate Sports Widow from South Bend, Indiana what else do I have to do?) to a Southern California canyon full of Beautiful People, Bentleys and Designer Dogs, which she dubbed, Chemo Canyon, to hang out with her friend, whom she dubbed, Chemo Chick.

This is their story.

P.S. If they see another light pink ribbon emblazoned grocery bag, beer coozie, hat, football cleat or snow scraper, they are going to barf. And not from the chemo.

CC has drugs for that.

Click for the behind the scenes video:  Karen’s thoughts on writing SickOfPink